Paige Wallace Triple Strand Coral and Silver Necklace (302D)
Paige Wallace Red Coral and Wood Beads Necklace (326B)
Paige Wallace Turquoise Southwest Bracelet (11582)
Paige Wallace Turquoise and Onyx Cube Necklace (282AL)
Paige Wallace Flower Sugalite and Mother of Pearls Necklace (334D)
Paige Wallace Turquoise, Wood Beads and Resin Necklace (327BN)
Paige Wallace White Turquoise Necklace (5733)
Paige Wallace Turquoise and White-Heart Red Beads Southwest Bracelet (4A)
Paige Wallace, Desert Southwest Designer is a native Texan who makes all her women's jewelry in Texas using sterling silver, turquoise beads, art glass, semi-precious stones and various unique beads.

She has designed for her company for over ten years after sixteen years as fashion model. Each style and piece is designed and hand made to her exacting and unique style.

As a small company, her items are not widely available, and some specialized components are one-of-a-kind antique items, making them even more special.